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Sticker “What´s that buzz?”

10×15 cm. 4 Euro. (Right: Application suggestion. Suitcase not included.) Send order to


Black T-shirt with logo and 100% true tag line

“Killing the competition since day one”. Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, X-large. 18 Euro. Send order to

Domestic Bumblebees church window

Church window

650 × 250 cm, with colorful Domestic Bumblebees motif. Designed by the Venetian glass artist master Andrea di Roggio. Perfect for the parish that want to increase the number of churchgoers – in style! Or why not for the wealthy mansion owner that wants to add some serious class to his home? To the right: The Cheeseborough Church, Scotland, which was one of the first installations.
The church window comes with comprehensive instruction booklet. May require led fitting and a ladder. 9.500 Euro. Send order to


Concert poster

70 × 30 cm. “Killing the competition since day one”. 8 Euro. Send order to

the Domestic Bumblebees Wax

The Domestic Bumblebees head wax

If the lord wanted you to look like a bum, he wouldn´t have invented this hair product. 15 Euro. Send order to

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